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Kristin T. Scroggin is the founder and owner of Workplace Training Solutions as well as a Communication Arts Professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. 

She has a M.A. Degree in Communication Studies, with an emphasis in Organizational Communication, from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Montevallo. 

As an instructor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville since 2006, she has taught courses in Business and Professional Communication, Organizational Training and Development, Nonverbal Communication, Human Communication, Small Group Communication, and Public Speaking.  

Kristin actively studies Communication issues in multi-generation workplaces, specifically examining how to effectively motivate the Millennial Generation. She has been invited to attend the National Communication Association National Convention as a presenter for the past three years. She designs customized Communication-skill focused training programs that improve public speaking, active listening, team building, generation interaction awareness, and conflict resolution skills, as well as nonverbal communication awareness. 

Hopelessly addicted to travel and desperate to see the world, she and her husband George do their best to keep their heads above water while parenting their awesome children C, Logan & Josie. You can learn more about her on her website www.kristinscroggin.com and lets "link up" by clicking HERE. 

Do you need a speaker for a lunch and learn?

How about a conference?

Maybe an after-dinner speech for a fundraising dinner?

You're in luck, I may be available! 

Just a few of my favorite topics:

Generation Specific

- 4 Generations, 1 Workplace. Bridging the Generation Gaps at Work.

- Motivating Millennials

- Social Media Use Across the Generations

Other Communication Topics

- ABCD Personalities at Work

The Problem with Power Plays (how different types of power exertion works & backfires)

- Improving Your Presentation Skills

- Your knees are knocking? I couldn't tell! (Managing Speech Anxiety)

- Nonverbal Communication

- Start with your Heart (Managing conflict)

- PowerPoint is sooo 5 minutes ago. (How to generate more exciting presentation aids and engage multiple learning styles)

- Put a little PASSION in it! (Why choosing to be passionate daily MATTERS)

- Relationships are  NOT A GAME (Why you really should tell your significant other what you think)

Current Speaking Fee for Kristin is $150.00/ hour. 

Most presentations are approximately 1.5 hours in length. 

Travel expenses will increase the cost of presentations and should be negotiated prior to contract signing. 

Although I study and even speak about social media, I don't really use it all that much. 

However, I would love for you to connect with me on the two venues I do use regularly. 

Please find me on linked in by clicking HERE and find connect with me on Instagram by clicking HERE
Kristin Scroggin
Just another Communications Professor teaching your company how to better motivate their millennials.